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What Pokémon Might We Meet in the Galar Region?

'Pokémon Sword' and 'Pokémon Shield' have officially been announced and the next generation of games is set to take the adventure in a UK inspired region. What Pokémon might trainers encounter?

Let the Pokémon adventure begin!

Pokémon fans have been ecstatic since the Pokémon Company release the info on generation eight from the Pokéball. The new games 'Pokémon Sword' and 'Pokémon Shield' are set in the new region of Galar, which has been strongly based on the UK. This is pretty standard in Pokémon as the first four regions were set on parts of Japan, Unova was based on New York, Kalos off of France and Alola used Hawaii. Along with this information on the region, the new starter Pokémon were revealed and two make clear sense for a UK themed region, but one is odd. 

The Generation Eight Starter Pokemon

Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble

Scorbunny and Sobble work with a UK theme as rabbits and amphibians are extremely common in the country. However, Grookey the chimp Pokémon is odd as the UK has no indigenous primates, excluding perhaps mischievous children. This isn't that crazy as there are often Pokémon in regions that do not conform to what you would see in that real location in the world. But, many Pokémon do conform to what you can encounter in that country. Looking at the wildlife of the UK, we will look at some likely animals that could become new Pokémon in Galar. 

A Shrew Pokémon

A Shrew Often Found in the Uk

Every region holds its a duo trainers will always encounter early in their travels, a small bird and a rodent based Pokémon. A shrew is the perfect choice for the UK due to its small and cute appearance. It is highly like either a shrew or a vole will be chosen for the normal-type rodent Pokémon of Galar, and we are hoping more for a shrew. 

A Blue Tit Pokémon

A Blue Tit is quite commonly spotted in the UK.

To fill the bird slot and Tit of some kind is highly likely. Tits are often found in the UK with many species available. Some are vibrant in colour, other have more elaborate feather. It is easy to see how they could create an evolution chain of flying-type Pokémon from these cute little guys.

A Squirrel Pokémon

Red and Grey Squirrels

Squirrels can often be found wherever you find trees in the UK. The grey squirrel if much more common, so a red variant of the squirrel Pokémon could be the shiny version. With forests confirmed in Galar, expect to go hunting down a squirrel Pokémon that could be normal-type, but perhaps they will make it a ground-type or grass-type alongside. 

A Daffodil Pokémon

A Common Spring Flower in the UK

Daffodils are a spring icon in the UK, so what better flower to become a Pokémon in Galar. With the changes of white, yellow and white flowers, they could potentially make these the next Pokémon with varients depending on the location they are caught. Needless to say a bulb evolving into a daffodil would make for a cute grass-type Pokémon. 

A Conger Eel Pokémon

The Moray Eel lurks off the shores of the UK.

The large eels are often found off the coast of the UK, hiding in shipwrecks and rock formations around the island. Obviously it would be a water-type Pokémon in Galar, but it could also be a dark-type hybrid due to its enjoyment of tight dark spaces to lurk. 

A Hedgehog Pokémon

Why did the hedgehog cross the road? Because it was in the UK.

The spiky cute little critter is often seen scuttling through garden in the UK. People even leave food out for these cute guys. A ground-type hedgehog Pokémon would be a perfect addition to Galar and could evolve to gain a steel-type attribute as it evolves, for stronger spikes for defence. 

A Monarch Butterfly Pokémon

A British icon when it comes to insects, the Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterflies and meadows are part of a British summer. As it is common for new butterfly themes Pokémon to be added in new regions, the Monarch is the most likely candidate for Galar. With its black body and lining against the vivid orange would make beautiful bug-type Pokémon for fans to enjoy. 

An Adder Pokémon

The Only Poisonous Snake in the UK

The adder slithers through the meadows and grassland in the UK. They can even be at home in the forests and woodland. As the most poisonous creature in the UK, the adder is surely set to become a poison-type Pokémon in Galar. With its natural habitat in mind, it could also be a sub grass-type or ground-type. 

A John Dory Pokémon

One of the Most Extravagant Fish Found off the Coast of the UK

With so many indigenous fish off the coast of the UK, you have to speculate which will become a new water-type Pokémon. The John Dory is a good contender due to its flamboyant fins and unique patter. With the spines on the fins there is a chance it could hold a sub-type of steel-type or poison-type. 

A Robin Pokémon

A Bird That Is Famous of UK Christmas Cards

The tiny ground-nesting Robin is a bird most commonly seen during colder seasons in the UK. With Galar set to have a chill northern region, a Robin Pokémon could easily appear in the region. Due to its ability to withstand the cold well it could be a dual type as a flying/ice-type Pokémon. 

A Teapot Pokémon

Tea and crumpets, anyone?

While some may now think this is crazy there are plenty of odd Pokémon in existence already. Why couldn't a teacup evolving into a teapot be the next strange Pokémon for trainers? With tea sets hold extremely hot water, they could make this one a fairy/fire-type or a fairy/water-type in Galar and keep to the British theme of the game. 

A Pine Martin Pokémon

A Mischevious Pine Martin

Pine Martins are rare, but can be found in some woods and forests in the UK. With so many fox based Pokémon already around, the Pine Martin could be the next best option. With its ability to climb trees extremely well, this Pokémon could be a fighting/grass-type or even a pure fighting-type Pokémon. 

A Basking Shark Pokémon

One of the largest fish found off the UK, the Basking Shark

Literally a gentle giant, the Basking Shark is off found off the shores of the UK. Despite its massive size, it is harmless to anything outside of plankton. It would be the prefect water-type Pokémon for trainers to catch off the coasts of Galar and could contrast the fierce looking Sharpedo. 

A Thistle Pokémon

The spiky thistle is common in Scotland.

Another likely grass-type Pokémon trainers could encouter would be based on the Thistle. It is the national flower of Scotland and has a unique look compared to many UK flowers. With tight-knitted spines and bright purple flowers, it could be a tough grass-type with some sharp attacks to use in battle.

A Wild Boar Pokémon

Wild Boars are easily found in the New Forest in the UK.

Wild Boars run around the New Forest and other woodland in the UK. Being a tough pig to come across, a Wild Boar Pokémon could be a ground/rock-type Pokémon and have a direct battle approach for players. It could even evolve from an extremely cute piglet Pokémon for fans to find early on in their journey. 

A Slow Worm Pokémon

A No-Legged Lizard That Slides Around the UK

While it may look like a snake, the Slow Worm is actually a no-legged lizard and are found in most rural areas. Despite its name, they are pretty fast through the grass and would make a perfect grass/ground-type Pokémon. Its evolution could even see legs form allowing for a true speedster in battle. 

A Damselfly Pokémon

During the summer, Damselflies can be seen by the thousands.

Covering rivers and lakes in the summer months, Damselflies are one of the more common forms of dragonflies seen in the UK. Starting off in the water, this little flyer could offer a bug/water-type to start with that would evolve into a bug/flying type that resembles the beautiful Damselfly. 

A Badger Pokémon

 A cute stripy-faced Badger is often seen in the UK.

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of fox-type Pokémon, so a Badger is perhaps the next most common large mammal found in the UK. Often used to reflect age and wisdom in children's books in the UK, this Pokémon could be a psychic-type for trainers to use and offer some type-diversity from animals based on UK wildlife. 

A Dolphin Pokémon

A Common Dolphin are often swimming around the UK coasts.

A dolphin-type Pokémon is one fans have been waiting to arrive for a long time. There were rumours Alola would hold a dolphin but it never appeared in the wild. Perhaps it was held back for a future generation and would be ideal for Galar. It would be perfect as a water/fairy-type to offer a fight against and dragon in Galar. 

A Welsh Dragon Pokémon

Speaking of dragons, the Welsh Dragon is a massive icon in the UK, it even has an entire holiday based around it. With a very traditional western look, it could be a dragon-type for Galar, but with its red colours we could get a dragon/fire-type Pokémon to terrorise the mountains of Galar and be a Pokémon sought out by trainers. 

An Arthropleura Fossil Pokémon

An Extinct Millipede That Once Roamed the UK

Nearly every region has its own fossil Pokémon for trainers to resurrect for battle. Arthropleura is perfect for a UK based fossil Pokémon. It was a giant millipede and tracks have been found in Scotland. This rock/bug-type Pokémon could be fast and defensive for trainers to use in battle. 

An Irish Elk Fossil Pokémon

The Extinct Irish Elk

The largest deer on the British Isles was the Irish Elk which stood tall and hand a horn width that was unrivalled. Sadly it went extinct and could be the perfect second fossil-Pokémon for trainers to resurrect. Due to its powerful legs and horns it should be turned into a rock/fighting-type and would be able to stand against any other fossil-Pokémon. 

A Legendary Grey Wolf Pokémon

The Grey Wolf was hunted to extinction in the UK

The two logos for the upcoming games have what appears to be a wolf on top. The Grey Wolf was hunted to extinction in the UK and many believe it to be one of the greatest mistakes of the country. What better animal could be one of the upcoming Legendary Pokémon of generation eight. The Grey Wolf could represent Pokèmon Sword and would be a great fighting/ice-type Pokémon.

A Legendary Brown Bear Pokémon

The Brown Bear held the same fate as the Grey Wolf.

While many think both are wolves on the logos, another option would be a bear. Again hunted to extinction, the Brown Bear offers a much broader stance than the Grey Wolf, which would make it perfect as the Legendary Pokémon for Pokémon Shield. This might beast could be a fighting/steel-type or a fighting/rock-type to make it a match for the wolf-themed Legendary Pokémon. 

Legendary Lion & Unicorn Pokémon

Two iconic animals in the UK

A Lion and Unicorn have been of great importance in the UK as they have been on the Coat of Arms since 1603. The Lion represents the UK and the Unicorn represents Scotland. Given the northern and southern territories of the Galar region, this duo could be a pair of Legendary Pokémon to get after completing the game. The Lion could be a fire/steel-type and be located in the south, while the Unicorn could be a ice/fairy-type found in the north.

A Event Exclusive Legendary Crown Jewels Pokémon

The Crown Jewels of the UK

Every region has Pokémon that are only obtainable through special events, known as Mythical Pokémon. The Crown Jewels are an obvious choice to embody this theme in the Galar Region. While the Pokémon does not have to literally be a crown or sceptre, the Pokémon could wear them instead. It could be a Royal-Pokémon and be a steel/fairy-type for trainers to obtain. 

What Pokémon would you like to see added in the Galar Region?

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What Pokémon Might We Meet in the Galar Region?
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