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Who Is Your Classic, Favorite Video Game Character?

An Evolution of Video Games

Video games have been a common form of entertainment and a staple for years. As they remain wild in popularity, males and females of all demographics enjoy the experience of either playing games or watching others enjoy a little fun. Since the beginning and evolution of Atari and Nintendo, games and popular characters have evolved from gaming consoles and platforms. The Atari became Nintendo, became Super Nintendo, and became Sega Genesis, and so on. With the speed-growing evolution, and a myriad of characters to consider, who is your favorite classic video game character?

The Extraordinary Birth of Nintendo

Before you answer or say, Super Mario, think about the concept of music in Nintendo video games. The theme to 'The Legend of Zelda' or 'Final Fantasy' or the deep jungle-sounding drums and percussion from 'Donkey Kong' may run and scatter through your mind. This may bring back memories of when you were first introduced to a popular video game or series, and the music or a certain theme is cemented in your head. The theme to Dr. Wily’s castle in Mega Man 3 may be playing and tinkering in your mind, and a character may jump out at you. 'Metroid' or 'Street Fighter' may give a different meaning. The character that most calls out to you or most remembered is probably a favorite.

Watching other people play video games for entertainment may be interesting to see. A parent may take interest in watching his little boy or girl diving and getting into video games. As they play games more and more, adults may be persuaded by kids to play video games. The same holds true for any demographic and age; male or female. This leads to actually playing and interacting with video games and exploring the fun and entertainment of something first introduced to you. Dashing into games may also signal a reality or higher status to explore; eventually playing the game or not. This further explores gaming addiction and other habits. Regardless of watching people or directly playing video games, this could indicate who your favorite video game character is.

The Evolving, Expanding Evolution

Evolution of video games is huge, dating back to the original Atari leading to the Nintendo in the early 1980s. Every year they seem to gradually improve on role play, graphics, animation, artistic appearance, sound, design, and more features. Technology has also helped improve the status of a video game or series. The popularity of a single game may have started on Nintendo for instance, but the same game may have gone through several platforms to reach high attraction. The more interactive a game is or can be, the more likely it is to gain popularity. As an example, Super Mario was introduced in the 80s in Super Mario Bros. Mario has evolved on more than two dozen video game platforms and consoles. The animation, character design, and voice Mario gives also developed through many years. Another concept is other characters may have evolved like him (or his Italian-Pl brother Luigi), appearing on multiple platforms. But one single character probably stands out in your mind.

Males and females of all demographics and ages have seen video games as a common form of entertainment. Sometimes it’s looked as a necessity in lifestyle; depending on how often video games are craved and played. A single person could spend hours on Candy Crush, World of Warcraft or Halo or for instance, or even a single level in a game. As they continue to evolve and grow larger into more gaming platforms, evolving into more fun, they hint too many avenues to explore, such as addiction or other factors to consider. However, they probably signal a colorful character or a favorite, that more than likely stands out from the crowd and either engages or speaks to you.

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Who Is Your Classic, Favorite Video Game Character?
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