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Why Fallout New Vegas Is STILL the Best Fallout Game to Date

The Commonwealth is no match for the dry heat and grit of the Mojave. One major accomplishment in the Fallout series in my perspective has to be the story line and sci-fi western theme of Fallout: New Vegas.

The last story based DLC released for the game, Lonesome Road, involves you traveling to the Great Divide. After your endeavors in the Mojave take a turn for the worst you learn that if it wasn't for a couple of lone wolves, you would have continued your somewhat regular life as a courier for the Mojave Express. It's time to find out who's responsible for all of this!

Though Fallout 4 features an updated way to explore the wastelands nothing beats the story and wholesome content of the original series that compels even the newest Fallout fans to explore even further into the Mojave and beyond. 

The music of Fallout has never been sub-par, and that includes the songs and hosts on each radio station throughout the series. If you have played Fallout 4 then you would know that from the beginning of the game the local radio station is not partially static, and barely audible like it was in Fallout 3 but it’s simply just utterly painful to listen to. An awkward mumbling man that not even the people who endure the storytellers ramblings on the ShoddyCast YouTube channel would want to experience a second time. Three Dog was the best radio host of the Fallout series so far but even when Travis’ testicles drop you are still reminded of the dead air and “uhh”s that serve as a filler in between bits of poorly expressed information that made his radio station memorable. Just Read these excerpts from New Vegas and Fallout 4, respectively.

“This is Mr. New Vegas fanning the flames of your passion. All the latest news coming your way, right now. Tensions are brewing in Freeside between the ruling gang known as The Kings and the large number of NCR squatters seeking refuge there. The leader of The Kings who would only Identify himself as, The King, voiced his displeasure calling NCR citizens “The Devil in disguise.” He added he didn’t wanna see the NCR in the ghetto, and called for a, mass quote, “Return To Sender.” In addition, refugees of Bittersprings are giving startling accounts of the Legate, known as Lanius who is said to be Cesars top field commander. One refugee told us the Legate took over an under performing squad of troops by beating its commander to death in full view of everyone. The Legate then ordered a tenth of his own force be killed by the other nine tenths.. And you thought your boss was a pain. The preceding segment was sponsored by the Silver Rush. “Silver Rush. Feel the rush of a warm laser in your hand.”” -Mr New Vegas, Radio New Vegas

“So.. there's a bit of, uhh, news. Well, more of a, you know, a rumor really. Someone.. I'm not sure who, but I guess.. I mean, it probably doesn't matter who.. anyway, someone saw, well.. I guess they think, uhh, maybe they saw a person in a, uhh.. a Vault Suit. I mean, coming out of Vault 111. It's the Vault 111 part that's weird, I guess, right? I mean, it's not like no one's ever seen a Vault Suit before, I just.. Well, anyway. You get the idea, I guess. Let's, uhh.. I'll just, uhh, just go back to the music.” -Travis Miles, Diamond City Radio

And if that wasn't bad enough there aren't any casinos in Boston! Did you know that as long as you have a capable PC you can download a mod for New Vegas that makes it possible to go on casino heists? Fallout 4 has some pretty unbelievable mods and now features mods on Xbox, but that doesn't mean New Vegas hasn't surpassed it in numerous other ways.

Beware the dangers of the wastelands!

Refrain from traveling past Sloan on the Long 15 after you recuperate in Goodsprings. There are a plethora of other opportunities to explore before you make the trip to New Vegas.

In the first story based DLC, Dead Money, you seek out the treasures that await you in a pre-war casino, frozen in time. The DLC is a reference to B. Traven's seminal 1927 Western novel, and later 1948 film, directed by John Huston, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. There are characters that connect through all four story based DLC and have a backstory and progression as in depth as the other eight companions that can travel with you through the Mojave. Even so I have to say, the people you meet in the DLCs are well worth the investment, and in turn I think are more interesting than some companions in vanilla New Vegas. All in all I believe that Obsidian delivered a whole heap of new lore that adds into the original games lore so well. Fallout 4 is best with exploration and combat and more recently console modding but when it comes to a diverse and interactive story line, Fallout New Vegas takes the cake. Nothing feels better than walking through the desert only to arrive at your destination to blow off you targets head with an under-over shotgun while you aim at him from the brim of your desperado cowboy hat.

 I could go on forever about how New Vegas is a better experience than Fallout 4 but I would rather you find out for yourself. Check out these links to wisely invest in your post apocalyptic interests.

If you're looking to mod and customize your own copy of Fallout: New Vegas then check out Steam for the most convenient way to game on your computer.

Xbox gamers refer to this link for GameStop copies of New Vegas. Note that Xbox One users can still use the Xbox 360 disc of Fallout New Vegas in their Xbox.

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Why Fallout New Vegas Is STILL the Best Fallout Game to Date
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