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Why 'Fortnite' Is Finally Dying

How Epic Games Are Ruining Their Own Creation

Fortnite, the hit game taking the world by storm.

The hit video game sensation Fortnite seems to have taken over the industry right?

With Epic Games making 300 million in April alone, and with those numbers increasing you may believe that there is no slowing Fortnite down right?

Wrong. Fortnite, believe it or not, is becoming more stressful and less enjoyable for Battle Royale veterans which makes up for most of the game's player base. As the game grows in popularity, the amount of new players hitching a ride on the battle bus is increasing. This brings me to our first point.

1. New Players

New players may seem like a good thing at first when looking at a business point of view, more players and more people buying the game's in-game currency, V-Bucks, to purchase skins for characters and other additional items sounds good from the business side. But in fact, Epic Games will have to cater to new players as the game grows as many new players, unlike veterans, don’t know how to build or participate in so-called build battles. Due to new players getting destroyed in close quarters combat which involves building, Epic Games have chosen to reduce the amount of damage certain weapons do to structures and people when in close range. These changes have angered the players already up to scratch on their building skills. Epic Games have also been very unvocal about these changes due to the controversy generated from the changes.

2. Bloom

What if I told you that you could be the best player in the world, have the greatest aim, and still miss every shot in your magazine? This is thanks to our good friend bloom. Most, if not all, other competitive shooters don’t have bloom for obvious reasons, these games require skill, games like Battlefield and Call of Duty require you to aim and shot to do the most amount of damage.

But with bloom, the amount of damage you deal is decided by a random set of numbers. You could hit someone in the head with a pump shotgun about five cm away from them and do 16 damage out of a 100 health.

Also, aiming isn’t really important if the bullet doesn’t go where you want it to go, again, thanks bloom. This is why most players are packing up and leaving for good. Not because the guns are being changed, added, removed, and sometimes added back in again and sometimes never seem again, no, it's the fact that when you aim you miss most shots it isn't because you're a bad shot but because a computer decided so. This makes the game luck based and not skill based. In an online competitive shooter, luck is not what people want to rely on, we all have been playing video games and have built up skills and knowledge on how to aim and shoot our way to victory. Having to cross our fingers and pray that the bloom is on our side before we commence battle is just stupid.

But Fortnite won’t be dying this year or probably next year, the game is already into its 5th season and is showing no signs of slowing down yet. It’s still the most played game in the world now and will be that way for a long time.

With popular Twitch streamers like Ninja making over half a million in a single month and Epic Games in a very comfortable place financially, Fornite is going now. Epic needs to take the veteran players into account, these are loyal fans like you and me who have been playing since the game's start. But Epic is too focused on the new players and don't really give a damn about us who have been playing since season one.

We'll have to wait till October when companies like EA and Activision release their own battle royal mode in BattleField and Black Ops, and how this will effect Fortnite's stance on the video game industry.

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Why 'Fortnite' Is Finally Dying
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