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Why 'Fortnite' Should End

A Rage Filled Story

Alright, before anyone gets their bloomies in a twist, I should say I have been exclusively playing this game consistently for about five months and played it a few times last December. So, that means I have seen many of the failures within this game and its community. In the following rant I will not hold back on of my discoveries or name-calling. Just kidding, I won't be name-calling.

To start off, when I jumped feet-first into this game, they had just taken the double pump out of the equation. In my humblest opinion, since I did play before this update, this was Fortnite's prime. The matches were consistent, fair, and Ninja wasn't there to make everyone think they could be Bob The Builder. Every update after this one completely shattered the game as we knew it. Now, shotguns are broken, the SMG Meta is in full swing, people are building like they have some sort of architectural background, and the supply Llamas have been nerfed even though they are so rare it's like finding a freaking Mew. 

Let me "cool down" a bit with this story. A few days ago, whenever they introduced the new Compact SMG into the game, I decided to play a couple matches with a good friend of mine. Now, when I tell you that every single player and their brother had some sort of SMG I am not exaggerating. Every person I came in contact with had an SMG. Every house I went into had at least two SMGs inside of it. So, there we were, final ten people alive. This is the last circle until the new circle spawns inside of the storm. I am literally being sniped at from medium-to-long range distances by none other than the new Compact SMG. This boy is taking my walls down with what feels like one bullet each time I throw a wall up. I'm running out of materials. My friend died. I'm throwing a fit because I have a legendary heavy shotgun and a green M4; I have full health and shield; I'm building for my life, taking the high ground, and then I realize it's just me, SMG man, and some random guy trying to snipe at the both of us. The only advantage I have is that they have to come to me. I am the captain now. As the timer counts down for the storm to move again, I'm taking all of my shots, hitting a few, then, SMG man kills sniper man. Now, in this very moment, I am above this SMG master, I have the high ground and the LEGENDARY, GOLDEN, HEAVY SHOTGUN. You know, the one that is supposed to do 77 percent damage to the body, and 192 to the head. Now, I hit this guy four times with the shotgun. The first time was right in front of me and was a headshot for 45. The second, third, and fourth time I hit him I did a collective damage output of 40. This man turns out to have no skill and can't build and yet he hits me with four bullets and wins the game. All against my gold, heavy shotgun that shoots slugs. How about that.

Calm down, calm down. I know they have issued a nerf to SMGs, but come on. Vault those puppies until you get a real fix. No SMG should out perform a shotgun in your face unless it is a common tactical shotgun, or probably any tactical shotgun just because it does less damage. First we were raging over the double pump, and now we throw out shotguns altogether? I find myself and plenty of other people picking up the SMG over a shotty. 

All I'm saying is, I think Epic Games needs to step it up. There are plenty of new games coming out in the very near future and if they don't fix the game and make it enjoyable for everyone again, they are going to lose a hefty amount of their players. I mean, with Battlefield Five and Black Ops Four coming out this October, I think Epic really needs to cling to what they know, and overpowered weapons will not keep their current players. And they definitely won't bring in anyone new players once these big titles release. 

Then, we have Dying Light Two coming out next year, or so Techland said at E3. I don't know if any of you liked the first game, or its DLC "The Following," but it is a great game and I can't wait for the second installation. 

Also, Fortnite just now brought back the guided missile that they vaulted a few months ago for being pretty much too overpowered. I haven't played since the patch went live but I am curious to see what has changed in actual gameplay and not just words. 

To come back to this topic, why in the world did they nerf supply Llamas? Who in their right mind complained about those precious babies? I am just sickened at the thought of someone not liking those. They were such a joy and relief to find, especially if you were playing in duos or squads so you could share the contents with your friends in need. But now, there is nothing to be happy about, other than those precious Llamas' stupid looking faces. 

How can you look at this face and all of its contents and want less? You're monsters, I swear. Anyway, I don't think that Fortnite should die, really. I just think they need to focus on what actually balances the game and makes it good instead of catering to people who want overpowered things and can't win games without it. In my humble, sweet humble conclusion, once these new games come out, Fortnite will be almost obsolete to me. In the meantime, you can catch me on my stream playing PUBG, Rainbow Six, or something else that may look like Fortnite and have goofy llamas in it; but you'll have to watch to find out.

My stream can be found here my friends

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Why 'Fortnite' Should End
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