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Why I Like 'Destiny'

'So since 2014, I've been a hardcore 'Destiny' fan.'

I'm just a kid who really likes playing video games. 

Yeah this is my first story. I don't really know how this works but let's just see how it goes. 

The Destiny franchise was created primarily by Bungie, moving on to a partnership with Activision in 2017 for the release of Destiny 2. 

So since 2014, I've been a hardcore Destiny fan. I first saw an advert for it on the TV and then I bought it for my birthday at Toys R Us (Rest In Peace). 

After that, I kind of started playing it and it just got better and better. The many things I could do in the game blew my mind and I literally could not put down my controller. 

Then The first DLC came out; "The Dark Below." It was about this God you had to kill called Crota and he was something like the king of Hive, which is a type of enemy on the game, and it was fun. The amount of new exotics you could get and all the loot you could grind for made you want to keep playing. 

Let's just quickly clarify...

An exotic was the best type of weapon in the game. You could get exotic armour as well but you could only equip one weapon and armour of this rarity because of the insanity of them in game. 

After the dark below came "House of Wolves." This was what I had really been waiting for. What I liked about this DLC was the theme it took. You were fighting these scavengers called the Fallen and you got these weapons that took this kind of rustic scavenger theme and I'll tell you now, they were insanely cool to use. One was a shotgun that had flames in the end, another was a piston that shot bolts of electricity that followed enemies, and there was a sniper that shot like a railgun! 

After these two DLC's came out, there was a period of waiting for the next DLC, which was fine because they had occupied us so well with other things to do. Then in September 2015, "The Taken King" finally released. 

Best DLC story by far at this point. It was so much longer because the expansion was absolutely massive. I guess that's why it cost me £40.00. However, I loved everything about this DLC. The weapons, the theme, the exotics. It was all awesome and amazing and cool and just too great for words. 

Then in April 2016, this was when the developers started playing the waiting game with us. We had to wait five months for a new release of content and this was what we called a "dry period." This means that there was absolutely nothing to do but replay old things over and over. It got really boring but I stuck by it. 

September that year "Rise of Iron" was released and this was the year I fell in love. And I fell in love with on single weapon in the game. That was the outbreak prime. A high tech corrupted pulse rifle. It had little nanites everyone you shot a burst of bullets which tracked enemies. It was great for killing bosses and great for PvP games as well. 

After that came a few more updates to keep our interest in the game and then in September 2017, Destiny 2 came out. From the start it was amazing then about halfway through December it started to get intensely boring and I actually stopped playing, mainly because of school but I was also losing interest. Luckily they saved it with "Warmind," which only just recently released so I'm feeling hopeful about it in the future. 

Overall, I think that the Destiny franchise on a whole is still good, even though the name was tarnished for a while by Destiny 2, it has found its footing again and so I think that in the future, there are going to be lots of things to look forward to.  

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Why I Like 'Destiny'
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