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Why 'The Last of Us Part 2' Gives Me Life

I mean, come on, I want it now.

I work in a game shop and near enough every customer I serve I, sometimes unintentionally, bring up The Last Of Us. I could talk about that game for days! So as you can imagine, when I saw the trailer, I was just a bundle of tears. My mate who I also work with rang me and said "mate! Have you seen the 'Last of Us Part Two' trailer?!" At that point, I had no idea there was one so I legged it upstairs, got my iPad and we watched it together. You could cut the tension with a knife 🔪. Ugh, when Ellie's beautiful vocals ring through and then the shadowy figure of my man Joel edges closer, COME ON. NAUGHTY DOG YOU TEASE. 

Since the trailer was released, not much has happened. Much to the frustration of many an avid fan. But I'm not one of them, don't get me wrong, I want this so now, in my hands BUT I'm prepared to wait because I know it'll be worth it. Plus Naughty Dog had a little thing called Uncharted: The Lost Legacy to deal with which might I add WAS INCREDIBLE but that's for another post. And amongst the rumours of film deals within the Uncharted arc plus the release of Crash Bandicoot, I get they've been busy. I'd rather them release TLOU2 when it's perfect rather than rushing it out to please the storm of fans. 

Here's what we know so far about the sequel to that sensational game back in 2013. Ellie is real mad and Joel is getting old. Neil Druckman apparently did say that the first game was about "love" whereas this one is about "hate." I AM SO READY. I need grittier, more brutal scenes and heart wrenching dialogues. That's what I need. We also know it's set 5 years after the original which is a large chunk to miss out considering what happened in the last game. Does Joel tell Ellie the truth about her? Where do they go after? What about the fireflies? So. Many. Questions. I hope they get answered, maybe flashbacks will be a thing? 

The trailer does give us a lot to think about though and to keep us occupied whilst we wait.

Ellie on that guitar amirite?! Joel finally taught her! 

I'm not crying, you are...

Ellie being all chill like on her guitar after probably slaughtering a few folk. 

A few people did mention that the window there may be the window in the main menu on the first game. I'm not sure on that though, it'll be hella cool if it was!

Another thing I wonder about is Ellie's new tattoo. It is beautiful and I like the idea of knowing that even in a zombie apocalypse, you can still go get inked. 👌🏼 Yassss  

The blood stains just make it look even more badass right? 

I have tattoos myself including one from The Last Of Us and I would 100% get this for sure. Here's mine! 

Endure and Survive guys, Endure and Survive 🖤

I have played this game many times and with each playthrough, I cannot love it more. Naughty Dog do something incredible when it comes to story telling and that's what a good game is to me! One that draws you into a world that seems so real with real characters that form real relationships. I'm so looking forward to seeing Joel and Ellie back at it and how their relationship has evolved and I just want to go back to that world again. Goddamit, Naughty Dog, you are being really naughty. 

Anyway, so we might have to wait a little longer for all this glorious game making to actually be released. There is Sony's PlayStation experience scheduled for December 9th and 10th so who knows? We might get a bit of a taster then but as you've probably guessed, I can not wait for this. I want it to completely take over my life already! 

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Why 'The Last of Us Part 2' Gives Me Life
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