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'Wild West Online' Is a Dead Ringer For 'Red Dead Redemption' And It Just Dropped a New Trailer!

Saddle up, partner.

Hold onto your hats! This could very well be the rooting-tooting cowboy experience you have all been waiting for before Red Dead Redemption lands in Q4, this year.

Wild West Online is the hugely popular western-themed MMO currently available in early access.  The game has just received its official launch date of May 10 with a delicious new trailer to support the news. 

The team behind Wild West Online originally planned to seed the idea via a Kickstarter funding round. However, during the initial pitching stages, a couple of eagle eye investors saw the potential and decided to bankroll the title themselves, meaning it could head straight into development and bypass the crowdfunding stage.

Players will be able to jump straight into an open western-themed world full of action, controversy, and gun slinging adventures. There are currently two factions in the game—each striving to control the land, the water, and the food. Amid the essentials, players will have to battle for weapons, ammunition, horses, and livestock—basically, everything and anything a good cowboy needs to live.

“We all came to this new world for a reason. Some looking for the thrills of the frontier, some seeking fortune and glory, and some just looking for a new beginning. Whether seeking justice, revenge or escape from past deeds -- we all had to find our own way to survive.”

Players are encouraged to play the game in whatever way they see fit—whether you opt to traverse the tundra as a villainous outlaw like Billy the Kid or whether you decide to tow the line as a renowned lawman like Wyatt Earp—the choice is yours.

“Do you want to lie, cheat, rob, murder and carouse your way across the West. You bet you do, outlaw! But watch your back, some players will choose to stay on the right side of the law and become Deputies and Bounty Hunters. These frontier lawmen (and women) are charged with hunting you down and bringing you in — dead or alive.”

The game has a huge focus on PVP interaction and allows for players to play co-operatively in gangs or ride solo. Because of this, player can grow their gang’s reputation or their individual reputation. Your actions will have consequences, so play nice, or real dirty!

The game will also include quests and side missions players can take part in. There is no real underlying narrative to speak of but the ability to progress your stats and skills via NPC’s is an option for those of you looking for a quieter existence on the planes.

“Early in a development, we made a conscious decision to focus on a systems-driven, open-world environment instead of story-driven narrative. While we don’t have a main story arc, we are planning to provide players with small stories in the form of instanced raids and limited-story NPC interactions. First and foremost our focus is on a system-driven multiplayer game, where players will create their own stories to share.“

Players that opt for the early access are able to play the game, right now, and will also receive the Steam code for the full game a full two days before anyone else. You will also get exclusive customisation options including limited edition weapons and accessories. 

Wild West Online releases on May 10 and will launch on PC (Steam). 2K’s Red Dead Redemption still remains a good few months away with an estimated launch date of late October.

So, for those of you looking to saddle up early, Wild West Online could be the perfect game for you. 

For more information and more game updates, keep it Vocal.

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'Wild West Online' Is a Dead Ringer For 'Red Dead Redemption' And It Just Dropped a New Trailer!
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