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Will 'Five Night's At Freddy's' Be The Start Of A New Film Genre Based On Indie Horror Games?

This is what makes Five Night's At Freddy's a great candidate for its own movie.

'Amnesia: The Dark Descent' [Credit: THQ]

Recently, the hit indie horror game franchise Five Nights At Freddys received some great news on the Hollywood front, being picked up by horror movie giant Blumhouse. This is the perfect situation for the movie to end up.

We've seen plenty of video games be adapted into movies, but noting like FNAF. For one, this is a #horror game well outside the realm of most mainstream games. These games aren't made by big companies that you've heard of, and in some cases (like FNAF), they're made by one person.

These games invoke fear, terror and the sense of mystery that many hardcore gamers look for. Twists and narrative are at the forefront of these #indiegames as opposed to actual gameplay, which comes secondary in most cases. This is what makes FNAF a great candidate for its own movie.

'Five Nights At Freddy's' [Credit: Scott Cawthon]

Video game movies have become a pariah in Hollywood, with all of them seeming to fail both critically and commercially, and many fans citing a lack of storytelling and gimmicks to incite fans. Doom and Assassin's Creed come to mind here.

Both games boasted amazing gameplay and mechanics. The stories were alright but they were greatly enhanced by how much fun it was to actually play the games. When you adapt these stories to movies and take away the actual gameplay, these subpar stories enhanced by gameplay are turned into mediocre storylines that can't captivate audiences without that interactive experience.

What if you adapted popular games that are driven almost completely by story? This is what is happening with the latest gaming revolution that is taking over gamer's computers and YouTube "Let's Play" channels.

This could be the cure for video game film adaptations that hardcore fans have been looking for. Indie horror games have the story, lore and fanbase that makes them perfect for film adaptations. If done correctly, FNAF could be the start of a new trend.

What are some other indie horror games that could follow FNAF?

3. 'The Park'

'The Park' [Credit: Funcom]

What happens when your brat of a kid leads you through a Mickey Mouse nightmare? The Park follows a single mother as she attempts to find her son, who is running wild inside a closed amusement park. However, the park and story lead you on a terrifying journey through Atlantic Island Park's and your character's backstory.

While this games is critically average, the story and atmosphere is perfect for a film. One of the most terrifying idea ever conceived is a haunted amusement park, and if they adapt the creepy story and setting correctly, this could make for a spectacular horror film.

Check out some of the gameplay below:

2. 'Amnesia: The Dark Descent'

'Amnesia: The Dark Descent' [Credit: THQ]

One of the most popular indie horror games ever conceived, Amnesia: The Dark Descent follows a man named Daniel, who awakens in a dark castle with no memory of who he is or why he's there. He has a note written to himself, which informs him that he has deliberately erased his own memory and is being hunted by a "shadow," instructing him to descend into the inner sanctum of the castle in order to find and kill its baron, Alexander. As he makes his way through the castle, Daniel gradually learns both about its mysteries and about his own past through notes and diaries he finds, as well as through sudden flashbacks and visions.

The monsters from this game are near legendary as far as design, and the fanbase is rabid. With a story full of mystery to keep audiences at the edge of their seats and a fanbase wiling to pay to see this in live action, it would be hard to come up with as compelling argument to not make this into a movie.

Check out theRadBrad play Amnesia below:

1. 'Outlast'

'Outlast' [Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment]

When you think of indie horror games besides Five Night's at Freddy's this is the first one that comes to mind. #Outlast follows an investigative reporter who is breaking into a mysterious asylum only to discover the horrors within. It's full of rabid patients and mysteries that cannot be found without jump scares and horrors galore. The reporter comes to discover a supernatural presence is at the center of it all.

With so much fear and an amazing story driving you to ignore the little voice screaming out in terror in the back of your mine, this game would easily translate to a horror film that could evolve the entire genre with a great mix of #horror, science fiction and action that could become one of the all-time greats.

Check out Markiplier play below:

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Will 'Five Night's At Freddy's' Be The Start Of A New Film Genre Based On Indie Horror Games?
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