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Word Cookies: Review

Tasty Cookies... Mmm

Word Cookies is a cute little mobile game developed by BitMango (very nice people in my opinion), the game is available to play on Android and Apple. You can find it in the Google Play Store and iTunes, plus there is another version of game on with an 85% rating on it (that's pretty good).

The whole point of the game is for you to spell words with the letter given to you then you make the word by dragging your finger on one letter to another to form that word. After you make the word you will need to make more, however many are given to you, each level is different so you will need like 10 or 12 words to complete the level itself. Each level also has different letters, and some of them will have 6 letters for you to make a long letter word or a 5 letter word, but its sometimes it's very hard because it can be a word you never knew existed or you never heard of before. The game has different kinds of seasons to choose from (no I don't mean like food seasons I mean like summer, fall, spring, and winter seasons). You can change the still of game to look like Christmas, fall, or summer related stuff to match the season currently or have your favorite season on there as a permanent thing for some time (my favorite is winter, I have it set to that).

Personally in my opinion its also like a learning game because there are words that you never heard of that can be spelled and its really cool to learn them (I mean personally its pretty cool, it be great for kids or babies to learn how to spell, form the word and all that). The game has a lot of levels to complete which could take a lot of time but I think that's why its a great time killer because of how many levels there are in different like desserts (which are like acts or chapters in a way). Later on in like higher acts/levels there will be like 20 words you need to make with the letters it gives you, which is a lot but again it's a great time killer and it's great to play with your friends if you ever need the help with some words or such.

I also think its a great game for writers or for people who are great in English (like English class or teacher who teaches English) for some people who know like every fancy word or a word that doesn't make sense but it's there so it's like you can't complain about it at all. It's kinda rage inducing as well because there are some people out there who just can't figure it out and get really frustrated to the point you want to throw your phone across the room (trust me... it's happened to me... I didn't throw my phone though). I'm not really sure what else to talk about other then it's a fun little game, not much to download and it's a great time killer like I will always say (sure the ads are a little annoying but its whatever), the game is great, very neatly made, very cute as well due to the fact it's cookies and there are other styles of cookies, and at this time of the month why not make it fall and make them Halloween cookies/words (if you want to that is, I mean its completely up to you) or buy some Halloween cookies (again its up to you) :D.

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Word Cookies: Review
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