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Xbox's Phil Spencer Has Been Given A Huge Promotion At Microsoft

Microsoft has announced that Phil Spencer has been promoted to Microsoft's Executive Vice President of Gaming.

[Credits: Microsoft]

Since 1988, Phil Spencer has been hard at work helping grow the Xbox One Brand, and even assumed control of it in 2014 after Satya Nadella became CEO of the company. Since joining Microsoft's division, Phil Spencer has become a renowned personality to fans of the brand, and even those who aren't.

Today, Microsoft has announced that the man-of-the-hour has been promoted to Microsoft's Executive Vice President of Gaming. The new title isn't just for show. Upon the promotion, it's been stated that Spencer will now report directly to Nadella, Microsoft's CEO, as a member of his executive leadership team.

[Credits: Microsoft/GameZone]

This comes after a recent shake-up in the company that Nadella ordered back in July, helping streamline the company's operations to focus more on selling "customer solutions," with video games being their core area of interest.

The promotion also removes Spencer's need to report to Terry Myerson, the executive vice president of Windows and Devices Group at Microsoft, allowing Spencer a bit more freedom, but still receiving aid for HR, sales, and marketing

[Credits: Microsoft]

Ever since Phil Spencer joined the Xbox division, there's been a noteworthy increase in the growth of their programs. We've seen backwards compatibility lift-off in ways never before imagined, with OG Xbox games becoming playable on the Xbox One X, and even new partnerships allowing for Early Access (Games Preview on Xbox One) titles to enter trial stages for console gamers.

While the #XboxOne has certainly been hitting some serious strides as of late, Spencer's biggest hurdle and possible triumph is just around the corner in November, when the Xbox One X hits store shelves just in time for the Holiday season.

(Source: Business Insider)

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Xbox's Phil Spencer Has Been Given A Huge Promotion At Microsoft
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